Who we Are


We are a social media boutique agency that delivers first solutions to our clients by creating interesting and engaging content and placing this content on the appropriate digital platform pertaining to our client’s business.

Our intent is always to assist our clients in gaining a higher audience reach, higher audience engagement or remaining an expert in their field by taking an organic approach to their social media marketing.

Social media is about human connection.  People buy from people they like and build report with.  We want our social media to be human with the personality of our clients and their business. We do not want to bombard them with paid advertising.  We will use our Clients Customers to grow their social media profile to help gain new Clients, leads and sales. This is called Organic Marketing. When ready we can, of course, assist in paid advertising ensuring it is in align with the Clients social media strategy.

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Kay Ridge

Director | Solution Solver

In the past 25 years, Kay has integrated into sales & marketing, logistics, corporate, government and insurance. Kay has also owned several businesses including a furniture removal business, virtual office (yes before it was known as one), and two wedding logistics businesses before taking her family overseas for a year to Ireland.  On her return, Kay found her passion for social media and marketing.

Kay is a New Zealander and is passionate about women entrepreneurs and start-up businesses. She understands that social media is one of the most important business tools you can have and used correctly it has the power to reach out to your target audience creating your brand ambassadors.


Bella Donna -the Ragdoll Cat

Connector | Work Life Balance Guru

Spends her days mainly sleeping and looking for food.  Happy to greet Clients and provide first impressions as you met at the door.