Why should I use a Social Media Consultant?

“Why should I hire a Social Media Consultant when I can do it myself?”

This is not the first time that I have been asked this question and probably won’t be the last.
Social Media Consultants bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and study.  Consumers do not like a direct sales pitch or something that they think they are being sold too.

The top benefits that content marketing include:

* Improved Brand Awareness

* Increased web traffic -the whole purpose of social media is to drive traffic to your website and for a consumer to “Buy”

* Increase social following

*Increase email database

*Higher sales conversion

*Lower marketing costs (especially if organically growing)

*Increase customer engagement

*Create Brand Ambassadors

So the next time you are wondering if you could do the job (or your children) ask if they could complete all of the above tasks.

Kay Ridge